Olive oil tasting with the producer


Olive oil tasting with the producer

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Enjoy an authentic tasting with the producer and learn how to recognize a good quality EVO Oil


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Enter the world of EVO oil. It will be a journey through aromas and flavors, but also through family stories and tradition. Try our olive oil tasting with the producer.

Olive oil tasting with the producer

You’ll learn how to recognize the good quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and how to taste it in a professional way. The producer will drive you through the tasting, revealing you the secrets of the production and the characteristics of this great food. Local tradition and territories, family stories and great passion for this very local product will be the perfect ingredients for this unforgettable experience. 

  • Availability: available throughout the year
  • Location: in local farms in Valdelsa
  • What’s included: tasting of different varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Oil snacks. 

Welcome to the incredible world of EVOO! Do not forget to have a look also at our wine tasting!

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