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It’s time to Taste Panettone!

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In Italy you can already feel the Christmas atmosphere… especially when you start to taste traditional desserts! It’s time to taste Panettone!

Panettone is the the traditional holiday dessert that you can not miss. But do you know why you should choose an artisanal panettone?

Both tall and short panettoni now coexist in pastry shops and artisan workshops. Anyway, in both cases, they have nothing to do with industrial ones. Actually, one of the main difference with industrial panettone lies in the freshness: the artisan workshops panettone is in fact produced and sold within one or two weeks.

Artisanal panettoni produced by small companies differ from the industrial ones also for the quality of the raw materials: small producers generally do not use brewer’s yeast, chosen by large industries to speed up the leavening process, and do not use preservatives. All the ingredients are usually very high quality ingredients, resulting in a very tasty products.

The taste is actually the last but not least reason why you should chose and artisanal product. The freshness and quality of ingredients make the taste of an artisanal panettone particularly authentic.

It’s time to taste Panettone and feel the authentic taste of Christmas! Try the one we selected for you!