Xmas is coming!

Time for traditional sweets! Let’s find out.

the best time of year to enjoy traditional desserts

Every year the Christmas holidays give us moments to share with our loved ones and at the same time, moments to savor the sweetness of the holidays. “Il torrone” an Italian tradition that has roots far back in time. A product that harks back to the ancient Sicilian tradition. A tradition perpetuated in every religious festival where the “torronari” prepared their specialty based on pistachios, honey, almonds and sugar in large pots that were kept constantly on the fire.

Once the right consistency was reached, the torrone was then spread by hand on the marble and cut with knives.

It is still produced like this today! Wisdom to be passed down to make tradition savored. Torrone is a specialty that will please adults and children alike. It is enjoyed at the end of a succulent holiday lunch or as a sweet snack to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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